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How To Plan Your Vacation

So that the vacations of your dreams do not become a financial nightmare it is necessary to plan and have a budget that tells you how much you can spend and how, according to experts. It is best to anticipate at least two months to make reservations, especially when your trip coincides with high seasons, that is when everyone has vacations, as in the case of the end of the year, Easter and summer.

To start the holidays with the right foot and find the best luxury vacation homes, take these tips into account.

  1. The first thing you should know is what type of vacation you want, if you want something to rest, to do adventure tourism, etc., since based on this you can determine the duration of the trip and approximate a total cost.
  2. Once you have decided on the place, GarcĂ­a recommends informing you about its attractions, the average of its prices and the available services. A good exercise is to quote the trip in at least three agencies and do it also on your own, so that you decide the most convenient option.
  3. Remember that the cost of transportation varies if you travel by car, rent, bus or plane. Evaluate each possibility and budget. The most comfortable way to travel is by car, but you must add the cost of maintenance and a prevention check to avoid accidents. The cheapest option is the bus, which also offers travel insurance and guarantees in case of delays or cancellation of the route.
  4. If you already have a general idea of the approximate cost, make a plan for each day with itineraries. For it to be complete the best is to determine places to visit or activities and costs. In this section you must include an average daily expenditure that includes entrance fees, cost of activities, transportation, food, and so on.